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      Has anybody had an inguinal hernia repaired by Dr Grischkan?

      Meet Dr. David Grischkan – Hernia Doctor

      I have an inguinal hernia on my right side that recurred after I had mesh removed. The online reviews of Dr. Grischkan seem overwhelmingly positive — so much so that I wonder if they are real. Many of the testimonials claim that they had Dr. Grischkan perform a modified Shouldice repair and they were back in the gym 3 days later. This seems too good to be true. But, if it is true, then it would be a great option.

      By the way, for those who have seen my previous posts, I had a non-mesh repair done by Dr. Brown on my left side (the side where I did not have mesh). I am extremely happy with the result I had from that operation. And Dr. Brown has also been an amazingly kind individual (he followed up on me daily after my operation). I mostly likely will have my next operation done by Dr. Brown as well. But, the extremely fast recovery claimed by Dr. Grischkan has me exploring the possibility.

      I did see one testimonial on this side for a patient that saw Dr. Grischkan. His recovery seemed to take about 6 weeks.

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