Any No-Mesh hernia surgeons in Iowa?

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      Does anyone know of any no mesh hernia surgeons in Iowa?

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      No mesh hernia surgeon in Iowa?


      I have researched this pretty heavily for the west coast which is in another thread on this forum and came up with others elsewhere in the USA, but I don’t know of any no-mesh surgeons in Iowa. You can always try to call the offices of surgeons and ask if they do the repair type you are looking for, but in my experience only about 50% of the desk staff are aware of specifics and they have to put a request to the doctor and then call you back. Anyway, if you can travel there are some options in your general region, but it’d still be a bit of a trip away.

      Shouldice Hospital in Toronto Canada are experts in no mesh hernia repair.

      In Cleveland Ohio is Dr Grischkan who does a Shouldice repair as well.

      There are probably others in the midwest too, I think the “McVay repair” originated in the midwest. The no-mesh repair is getting increasingly difficult to find in the USA and the standards by which surgeons will perform a no-mesh surgery tend to depend on the surgeons experience plus the patient. For example, I know that Shouldice requires a healthy BMI measurement and they regularly will prescribe weight loss to people before they will perform the surgery.

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      Any No-Mesh hernia surgeons in Iowa?

      Try Dr. Michael Burchett in Eastern Iowa.
      I reached out to him and he is amenable to see you in consultation.

      Good luck.

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