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      I have scheduled the desarda repair surgery. The doctor said that some people may not able to use desarda repair due to the body tissue not suitable. I would like to know the successful rate of this surgery. Because I said the surgery will postpone.

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      Desarda is a poorly studied technique. The results are highly variable from surgeon to surgeon and not reproducible.

      I personally am biased against the repair. There are much older and better studied repair options for inguinal hernias, such as the Shouldice, Bassini, McVay, Marcy, etc. Surgeons who were performing a surgery similar to the Desarda back in the 1950s abandoned the technique because of the high failure rate.

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      There are only 2 options in my country. Desarda and Mess. But I don’t want Mess. But the doctor said Desarda repair may not use for some people due to the tissue is weak. I would like to know the rate.

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