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  • autoimmune syndrome and knee replacement

    Posted by idoncov on July 26, 2021 at 8:43 pm

    Dr Towfigh,

    As you know I had an allergic reaction to the underlay mesh placed for my umbilical hernia. The mesh was removed and that was a great help (Thank God) but I remain highly sensitive to various products. For example: I used to have a mild reaction to latex on skin contact and now air containing latex fumes, which I can’t even smell, will cause rashes on my arms and even bring on shingles.

    Well, now I’m told I need knee replacement. Given my experience with mesh I am very reluctant to have them place another foreign body into me. However, all the knee specialists I have spoken to have assured me that there have been no known reaction to the plastics used in knee replacement because they are inert. There are known reactions to some of the metals (Nickel). I have searched the internet and also find no literature on such autoimmune reactions.

    In your latest video you state that ASIA can occur to a number of prosthetics. Is it safe, how safe is it, for a person such as myself to now have a knee replacement?

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  • idoncov

    July 27, 2021 at 1:09 am

    Thank you. I was not familiar with this doctor but after searching online I found your interview and watched the whole thing. I felt like I was watching a biography of my experience. He definitely knows what he’s talking about and I felt such a relief to hear somebody talk about something which the medical field has been denying. I even felt that one of the patients you mentioned in the interview was me.

    At the very end he tells about how to get in touch with him and it seems that a face to face meeting is required. Is there a way to simply ask him a question by email since I am not actually ill anymore?

    There is one thing that may be of use to the medical community. He stated that all of the people with this immunological illness are genetically predisposed to it. I don’t believe I was originally. I lived in an older apartment for 15 years that had severe mold issues and I know for a fact that that drove my immune system down. I know it because I became more sickly as the years went by. This was followed by 5 years of heavy doses of medication to rid the body of a different fungal infection. I believe it’s very likely that the reaction to the mesh would never had occurred had my immune system been normal, as it was before moving into said building.

  • drtowfigh

    July 26, 2021 at 10:13 pm

    Great question.

    You are so sensitized, that I is very possible that you will also react to the knee replacement implants. They do contain polyethylene, to which you may react.

    Contact Dr Tervaert. He has experience with ASIA syndrome in all sorts of implants, including joint replacement. He may have more experience than most others in this topic. I would think you would react.

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