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      Cat Hughes

      Hi @drtowfigh, thank you for all of the insights shared on this forum. It’s extremely helpful.

      – I’m wondering what the chance of mesh migration and/or chronic pain would be for bilateral indirect inguinal hernia repair?
      – Have you seen much success for this surgery in women?
      – Can pregnancy several years after the surgery cause issues/hernia recurrence?

      After presenting with ongoing pain and discomfort for two years, the hernias were found during a laparoscopy investigating what a gynecologist presumed to be endometriosis. He couldn’t do the repairs at the time as it wasn’t his area of surgical expertise. I visited Shouldice recently but was told that they wouldn’t operate until the hernias were the size of “golf balls” externally. It seems mesh repair is the only option.

      Any thoughts are hugely appreciated. Thank you!

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      You mean at the Shouldice clinic they told you that the hernia was too small, and that they did not feel it was bad enough to treat it surgically? Sorry if I misunderstood…

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      Cat Hughes

      My apologies for not clarifying. The doctor I met with at Shouldice said because he couldn’t feel the hernias, he wouldn’t operate, instead dubbing it “groin pain.”
      A surgeon I visited in Vancouver last year, on the other hand, said surgery was the only option and advised having it sooner rather than later while showing me laparoscopic images of both hernias.

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      – mesh migration can happen. It’s not common.
      – Shouldice does not operate on non-obvious hernias, which are more often among women.
      – pregnancy does not cause hernias. The straining with labor can exacerbate a hernia. Most groin hernias do not recur due to pregnancy, but umbilicals may.
      – laparoscopic repair is the preferred technique for women with inguinal hernias.

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      Cat Hughes

      This is great to know. Thanks so much for your response Dr. Towfigh. Much appreciated!

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