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      Dr. Towfigh (and others), Would you be kind enough to provide me with the names of recommended Boston surgeons?

      I have bilateral hernias, one large and one small, verified by ultrasaound No pain lying down, severe pain with sitting or activity by the end of the day. I am male, 75, very thin, deconditioned, frail (walk with a walker),chronic pain from 8 fractured vertebrae, now pain from hernias. Comorbidities include COPD, atrial fibrillation. I have never had surgery, don’t know if I am well enough for general anaesthesia.

      I know it is difficult without examining me and looking at my records, but would you recommend mesh or no-mesh, laproscopic or open surgery ? Do you think I am well enough for general anaesthesia or would you recommend open? I have read your saying you don’t recommend mesh for very thin people. I am trying to hold off going to the ER before I can find a surgeon.

      Thank you very much in advance for your help.


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      Boston surgeons

      Dr David Earle
      Dr Yusef Kudsi
      Dr Doug Smink

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