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      I am waiting for hernia surgery on my 5th hernia…I also have 2 detached abdominal muscles that will need to be reattached. Lately I have had issues with bowel movements. It is either diarreah, or I cant go for a few days (which is NOT normal for me) I feel like my stomach is hard as a rock, like I have been kicked in it. I have been on a diet, trying to eat clean and a lot more veggies, but I would expect that to help move things along, not stop them up.

      Could the hernias or the detached muscles cause issues with this, and if so at what point do I start to worry? My pain level is so so….like it always is, worse at night. Hard to push much when I am constipated thought.

      Sorry for the topic! 😮


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      Bowel issues with Hernia pain

      Do NOT push or strain. That is the worst for hernias. It will increase abdominal pressure and cause hernias to recur.

      That said, if you are missing Core abdominal function, it is possible that bowel function may be difficult, because you cannot make a concerted effort to push stool down into the pelvis and evacuate and you are completely dependent on colonic motility alone.

      A strict bowel regimen is imperative so that stool is soft and not hard. Can include mineral oil, magnesium mallate, Miralax, milk of magnesia, prunes, water.

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      Bowel issues with Hernia pain

      I have suffered from constipation/IBS-C for years and years, it had gotten much worse right before my hernia “popped out” 3 years ago and it continues to be an aggravating factor in inguinal mesh pain. Not fun. My advice/rule of thumb is to never let the bowel contents rest in the sigmoid colon for more than one day. Make sure it moves and try to get it soft.

      In the US, there is a stool softener Sodium Docusate that seems to work. It is not allowed to be sold in Germany for some reason, so while I was there, they prescribed me the probiotic Mutaflor (Escherria Coli) as a stool softener. E. Coli is not legal in the US, so I could not bring it with me here. But in small amounts, it did appear to get the bowels moving gently.

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