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      Ryan shook

      I am 6’3 210 lbs active 45 year old. Biking, weightlifting, golf, and hiking. I elected to repair left side inguinal hernia due to pain during moderated activity. The day of surgery about 7 hours post op I had a large knot swell up at the mesh site with extreme pain, the same hernia type pain as before the surgery. I called the surgeon and she had me come in for a ct scan and examination. After she reviewed it was a hematoma but I was released, while all this went on the pain subsided and the swelling went down. 5 days later the swelling returned along with the pain. I’m now 10 days post op, the swelling has returned and experiencing extreme burning type pain when I am up moving around at all. I can lay or sit with minimal discomfort but standing is excruciating after a few minutes. I am an engineer and supposed to return to work tomorrow and also have my first follow via virtual appointment at 10am due to covid 19. Is this normal? Should I be trying to fight though the pain and walk even though the pain is awful. I’m only taking ibuprofen and Tylenol currently.
      Thank you for any advice

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      Which mesh type? This question is the first one you will be asked here by those who know the most…so before surgery you had severe pain? Btw if I am not mistaken because of the Corona virus ibuprofen could cause you problems, maybe change to paracetamol

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      Your pain should be slowly improving each day.
      Contact your surgeon. If the hematoma has recurred, then it should be drained.
      If you have a nerve entrapment, then a nerve block will be helpful.
      If the spermatic cord is stuck to the mesh, then a cord block may be helpful.
      Bill Brown MD

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      Ryan shook

      It’s been 8 days since my post, a couple days after it was like a switch flipped it off. Sunday was basically pain free, Monday and Tuesday had mild pain after working. Wednesday I had to take the day off and have pretty much been pain free with exception of a slight pull feeling here and there. I think the worst is over now and am looking forward to getting back to some normalcy in a few more weeks.

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