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  • Can anyone help?

    Posted by Kristin on March 1, 2018 at 2:06 am

    In June 2017 I woke up with groin/hip pain, right at the crease between my groin and hip. Since then it has been a series of tests and doctors, I have been told it was a fracture, yet I never fell, I was told it was a pulled muscle, a groin strain, etc. I have had 6 injections, two in the bursa, one in the iliopsoas tendon, one in the hip joint, and one recently in the Pubis symphysis, every image the take shows the bone edema is worse with the most recent showing a moderate bone marrow edema on the pubic bone, I have been on a series of different meds and nothing helps the pain, I have stopped all exercise, was even put on crutches at one point, and nothing has stopped the pain. Recently after my 12th orthopedic doctor it was suggested that maybe it was sport hernia, so I am now being referred to yet another doctor to check this newest diagnosis out but after some more research on my own, I am wondering if its actually a femoral hernia but with all the imagining I have had done I would thing a hernia of any type would of shown up. I am in pain all the time that varies in degree, it gets worse with prolonged sitting or standing, ice seems to help, that time of the month makes It worse, and I am seeking any help or if any one knows of a doctor out my way that specializes in any of this, I would be forever grateful. I am so lost and so frustrated. I am out on FMLA because of this and will soon loose my job if I can’t find a resolution. Please help….

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  • Chaunce1234

    March 1, 2018 at 3:06 am

    Sorry to hear you are going through this.

    – Where are you located? Perhaps a nearby expert can be recommended by someone on this forum

    – Have you had an ultrasound with valsava on the groin to check for hernia?

    – Have you had a pelvic MRI?

    – Do you recall a particular aggravating event or incident? Were you extraordinarily active the day before you woke up in pain?

    – Can you reproduce the pain with any particular movement or activity?

    – Were the injections nerve blocks? Did any of the nerve blocks stop the pain? That could be a clue

    Groin and pelvic pain can be notoriously complex to diagnose when there isn’t an obvious presentation. If possible you will want to seek out an expert.

    Good luck, keep us updated on your case.

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