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      I am 4 days post laparoscopic repair of a right side inguinal hernia. Is it possible the an exaggeration of pain of a hernia on the left side which I had never previously experienced and which was not diagnosed nor was it looked for during my procedure??. Background ..for 2 years I experienced groin pain and tests. I lived with the uncertainty until I experienced a change in bowel habits. That led me to consider IBS but also me to believe I had a hernia and constipation was a result. Therefore I finally got a surgeon for diagnostic laparoscopy with possible hernia repair. Going in, he felt it likely a femoral hernia while I believed inguinal based on all I’ve read about occult inguinal hernias in women.
      My recuperation from the surgery is proceeding well but I am feeling pain on my opposite side (left) of similar placement and type to the inguinal on my right side.
      The surgeon told me he would only be looking in the right quadrant and repairing what he found there rather than poking around elsewhere since I had not experienced pain in the left side.

      So, is it possible the mesh and repair on the right side have now exaggerated a hernia on the left side? How likely would it be?

      I do not see the surgeon until January 17th. My incisions are stapled with metal staples. They look good feel good and my overall health is good.

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      Sorry for typos making my question obscure. Can a right side repair exaggerate a left side hernia that was undiagnosed and non painful prior to the right side surgery?

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      Hi Clbesr
      Sorry to hear about your pain on other side than the repaired side. I have almost same problem like yours but my symptoms are more on the repaired side. But I do get some pain on the other side which has no hernia. The surgeon told me before surgery that he would probe on the non hernia side to rule out any hernia. He fixed my right hernia and found no hernia on left. But I was surprised that I was getting pain on the left side also after surgery. I got some x-rays taken and was surprised to see that on my non hernia left side there are two to three tacks ( as in your case they are staples) and on the hernia side there are 10 tacks. I think when he probed my left side to find any hernia he had to dissect the peritoneum and then closed by tacks. I never knew he would use so many tacks. I think it is the tacks causing this pain due to inflammation. I hope you feel better with time.

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