Can’t get a diagnosis. Could this be a hernia?

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      For one year now I’ve had undiagnosed pelvic pain. It started as left-sided vaginal pain (internal), that spread over time to anus, buttock, hip and tailbone pain. It is a burning, stinging, aching pain. The vaginal pain is constant, other areas it comes and goes. Between 2 and 4 out of 10. Also had persistent CD21-28 day spotting. Periods otherwise normal.

      Gynaecologist said Endomentriosis but lap showed only adhesions, prob from c-sec three years ago. MRI showed nothing. All swabs/urine tests clear. At a loss, he then diagnosed idiopathic pudendal neuralgia. Second gynaecologist said scar tissue inside vagina causing problems with nerves (thought he maybe could feel ‘something’ – first dr could feel/see nothing at all) caused from vaginal delivery (I found this difficult to understand as that was 5 years ago). He also wasn’t really sure.

      Pelvic floor PT said pelvic muscles on left side were rock hard but she couldn’t tell if this was the result of an issue or the causes of the pain. She deals mainly with incontinence and is the only one within 6hrs. Gave some exercises which temporarily relive pain. Said my pelvic floor muscles were very strong so exercises to relax it.

      Gastro performed colonoscopy (I wasn’t convinced necessary but small family history so agreed as precaution) and this was totally clear.

      Hormone tests showed low but within normal range progesterone, and very low testosterone. No indication of early menopause. I am 34.

      Pain is nearly gone during exercise, hot shower, bowel movement or urination, and stretching. It worsens immediately when I sit or stand still. It does NOT worsen when I lift (e.g. toddler) or get out of bed etc. Stress makes the pain worse too. I only very rarely have very mild groin pain when the buttuck/hip/back of thigh pain is bad. All other times groin is totally fine. No bulges etc.

      My primary dr thinks it’s a muscular problem – chronic tensing of the pelvic floor muscles. But no one seems confident in their diagnosis. A hernia doesn’t seem likely from what I’ve read but I just thought I’d ask as I’m so desperate for a diagnosis and way to get out of this pain. Thank you.

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      Can’t get a diagnosis. Could this be a hernia?

      Difficult situation.
      Hernias can cause pelvic floor spasm.
      Hernias do not cause buttock pain, tailbone pain, etc.
      There are options for pelvic floor relaxation.
      I would seek pelvic floor specialists in the US, including Michael Hibner or others found on the Pelvic Floor Disorders website.

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