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      It’s been 2 weeks since my robotic ventral hernia repair. Since last 2 days I am feeling little cold and getting minor chills in evening with body temperature rising to 99 degree. Is this something to be worried about?

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      Most likely the fever is not a problem, but ask your surgeon to check you.
      Bill Brown MD

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      Thanks @DrBrown. I continue to have low grade fever ranging from 98.8-99.4. Talked to the nurse over phone and was told that it’s expected as this is part of body’s response inflammation due to surgery/mesh and can continue for 3-4 more weeks.

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      If that low grade fever continues for a long time it could be your body’s response to the mesh. I had a low grade fever that lasted a year after the mesh was put in and only stopped after mesh removal. The presence of abscesses revealed only during mesh removal explained why I had that fever. I’m not saying that is your cause but I wouldn’t just dismiss it either. In fact, that was one of the difficulties in working with medical professionals. They tend to dismiss far too much.

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