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      Chuck, many of us have followed your case here about how you were greatly harmed from surgery done by Dr. Carvajal. Would you be so kind as to answer a question I had asked about the legal recourse for you? Besides the physical toll, it must represent a considerable loss of money, and so presumably you took some legal counsel about it? I ask particularly because he is in Calif., right, and that state has some particular legal protections for MDs, such that cases like yours become more difficult to get relief. Would you tell us what you found out, please.

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      Thank you, Chuck. That is devastating news. Patients that have been harmed by negligence have nowhere to turn. The typical patient is powerless and unaware of it until tragedy strikes. I had heard something about the Calif. law but unsure about it and hear it’s spreading to other states. Medical malpractice surely happens, so how will patients be protected? Given the ridiculous billing by hospitals today the 250k cap can turn out to be pocket change. I wonder if anything is being done to remedy it.
      (So far few hospitals are complying with a federal mandate that they publish patient charges for their services!)

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