could chronic pelvic pain be due to a hernia?

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      I am new to the world of hernias. I signed up for this forum because my PT saw one of Dr. Towfigh’s online “hernia talks” and mentioned it to me. She (my PT) said that the symptoms Dr. Towfigh described sounded quite similar to my own. By way of a “brief” explanation, I have had chronic pelvic pain for about 5 years now, and have tried various solutions including physical therapy, oral medications, surgery (multiple myomectomy and endometrial resection), and most recently, blocks to the genitofemoral and illio-inguinal / illio-hypogastric nerves. We have had some success with these treatments, but in general, I have not been able to eliminate the pain in abdominal area and down my right leg. My PT wondered if perhaps a hernia could be involved here, and so I wondered if there is a knowledgeable doctor in the Boston area who someone might recommend? I would be grateful for any leads!

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      There is Dr. Earle in Massachusetts. I have no direct experience with him but he used to post on the website occasionally.

      If diagnosed with a hernia, don’t rush into surgery though. Be sure you at least consider a non mesh repair, especially if your potential hernia is small. Be advised you may have to travel to one of the few non-mesh doctors if you fall into that category. Dr. Towfigh in CA runs this site and doesn’t do a one-size-fits-all mesh approach. Most surgeons will only do mesh. It is good that you are asking questions before the surgery. She also is well versed in female hernias, from what I gather. It is important your doc has good experience with this smaller subset of patients as most hernia patients are male.

      Also, think long-term. Don’t pick a surgical method (laparo vs open) based on ‘recovery time’ which only differs by a few days. Once you get a doc you trust, ask questions about that.

      Best of luck!

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      Thank you for this advice.
      I will see if I can locate the doctor you suggested.

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      Dr. Earle is a great choice in the Massachusetts area.

      Also, thanks to your PT for viewing one of my HerniaTalks. I recommend you view the one on pelvic pain from a couple of weeks ago. It can be viewed here:

      We are live!Join me, as I answer close to 2 hours (!) of all your hernia, pelvic, and abdominal questions. This is a…

      Posted by Shirin Towfigh, M.D. on Tuesday, June 2, 2020

      Also, you can read about it in a blog I wrote here:

      “How Hernias Can Cause Pelvic Pain”

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      Nice blog!lots of useful information for patients

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