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      Hello, thanks for this forum.

      I have had chronic pain for 5 years and wondering if it could be due to a hidden hernia. I have seen countless doctors from gynecologists, to urologists, alternative therapies, etc. with no confirmed diagnosis or relief. Pudendal neuralgia was suspected, but a pudendal nerve block did not relieve symptoms.

      My symptoms are:

      -left sided only
      -pain at labia majora
      -burning, aching, raw
      -worse with prolonged sitting or standing
      -feeling of pressure/fullness in pelvic floor
      -feeling of pressure on bladder
      -pain used to be relieved upon lying down, but is constant now
      -pain worse with lifting heavy objects, pulling open a heavy door, bending down
      -only thing that helps is ice and amitriptyline (Elavil)
      -unable to wear tight pants

      I have not had any surgeries in the past. My brother was born with a hernia and my maternal grandmother had one also.

      Thanks for any thoughts or advice!

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      Could this be a hernia?

      Yes! Pain with opening heavy door: Classic. Female in the family with hernia: strong link. Pain at labia: absolutely. These are all symptoms which are typically seen sming my patient’s with hernias.

      I recommend you start with a dynamic hernia ultrasound. If it’s “negative “, then MRI with valsalva.

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