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      I recently saw Kaisers Jacklyn Parker ,thankyou Dr Towfigh.

      Although she couldnt feel a Spigelian hernia she said the best she could do was order a CT scan without contrast( I cant have contrast because of Graves disease).

      I asked for an ultrasound with valsalva because everything falls back in place when I lay down. She said she was unable to order that test with Kaiser even though she has asked for it several times.

      Anyway what are the odds a hernia will show on CT scan no contrast?

      Anything I can do while having the CT scan that will improve my odds of hernia showing?


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      CT scan without contrast

      Make sure the CT scan is done ” with valsalva.”
      It means you bear down. That may show a small hernia better.

      A CT scan should be able to show most Spigelian Hernias.

      Good luck!

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      CT scan without contrast

      Thanks Dr Towfigh!

      She was very nice BTW.

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