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      I started having back pain that would radiate to my left lower quardrant. This went on for months. Now, I can’t stand more than 10-15 without getting a warm sensation in my LLQ. The longer I stand, the hotter the side feels. It feels like someone is taking a branding iron to my side. Then it feels like I have been cut by a knife. The pain subsides about 15-20 minutes after I sit down. The pain became excrutiaiing while kepping my 2 year old grandchild and has gotten worse each day since. I have had a CT of the Abdomen which was negative. I’ver had a MRI of my back which showed degeration of L3-5 and S1. The Neurosurgeon doesn’t beleive the LLQ burning pain is coming from the disc because of the location. I have had a female exam. I am really desperate. I am a RN and I work in Medical Sales. I can’t walk around my accounts without feeling like I want make it back to my car. Just a quick grocery store run to only produce and Meats incapcitates my ability to walk without excrutiating pain. I can only spend about 15 minutes in the ktichen cooking before I become incompacitated. My DO thought is was S1 and pubic osteomyitis. I have had an injection in SI joint and in pubic area. I am desperate. I am loosing my ability to function. My regular Dr was wanting to offer me pain meds. I don’t want pain meds because once I sit or recline, I don’t need them. She also wanted to offer me something for my”nerves.” I got almost hysterical trying to describe my pain to her because I could see that she wasn’t hearing me. I am going to my hip surgeon in a few weeks. I had a tumor removed artroscopically in my right hip three years ago. I know he had to take a small amount of bone. I don’t know if that could be causing me pain from the shift. I asked about a hernia and I keep getting this ” it didn’t show up on CT scan conversation. Also, I do have an umbilical hernia. I am extremely desperate. Please let me know your thoughts.

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      Hi Kathleen,

      First off, I’m not a doctor nor a medical professional, and I’m also not a female, so none of this may be relevant to you or even helpful. Anyway, from some personal experience and hernia research, I have learned the following:

      * Hernias are commonly missed during a standard physical exam or standard imaging protocol

      * Hernias are often only found with provocation during imaging, like Ultrasound, provocation as in performing a valsava maneuver (taking deep breath and straining down)

      * Apparently an MRI of pelvis with Valsava can sometimes image or discover a pathology that may be otherwise impossible to see – I personally am going to have this test soon and will report back anything notable

      * Even if a hernia is found, it may not explain the experience

      If you have not had a pelvic / abdominal ultrasound with valsava to try and image regional hernias then I would request one from a doctor. The ultrasound test is quite fast and could at least rule something out.

      Also, knowing what triggers and worsens, as well as relieves, your discomfort / pain can be helpful for doctors. For example, if pain resolves with laying down, worsens with picking up heavy stuff, if NSAIDs help, etc

      Best of luck, keep us updated on your pursuit and findings

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      1. Can you palmate the area of your pain? If so, is it tender to touch? If so, then follow below:

      I am not clear as to where exactly your pain is in the left lower quadrant. Nevertheless, I would pursue the hernia question. Try dynamic Ultrasound of the groin and left lower quadrant first. If negative, follow up with MRI pelvis with Valsalva (see other posts for details). If still negative, make sure the films are being read correctly by seeing a hernia specialist.

      If the pain is not from a hernia, then it should be from T11-L2 depending on where it is exactly where your pain is.

      Read earlier posts and see if you relate to the symptoms listed for occult hernias. If do, then don’t give up til you find someone who can cure you.

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