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      So before my disastrous hernia surgery i had a slight ache on the right side inguninal–no bulge.. Dr Cravajal put his finger on me for a second and said you have a hernia on the right. I had an ultra sound previously that said there was a hernia on the right…other surgeons said ultrasound could not be trusted. Carvajal double meshed me…and while the surgery was a disaster…the pain on the right side vanished. When the mesh was removed the pain came back only this time its worse than before…again no bulge Dr Belyansky and several other surgeons did a physical exam and said they could find no hernia. My guru and mesh removal expert Nick S has been right about everything so far and he says a direct hernia can present with no bulge…Dr Kang advised that there is always a bulge but maybe not detectable by exam….what do others think? If this is a direct hernia returning…then i am off to Kang…but if its a sports hernia as Belyansky says…then maybe not. Unless Dr. Kang fixes sports hernias too…Dr B says sports hernias rarely respond to surgery…so hoping its not that.

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      Can you really tell if it’s the same pain or not?

      I’m not an expert on the diagnosis of occult hernias. Mine was very large and obvious, and it was an indirect hernia.

      Has anyone told you what the best imaging would be for this? Why not ask Dr. B to order it?

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