Discomfort 100 Days After Bilateral Inguinal Surgery

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      I had bilateral inguinal surgery (mesh) in late Sept 2014. The left (I believe it was ilioinguinal) nerve was “sacrificed.”

      I am male, 57, previously in great physical/emotional health. After 100 days, I’m still in considerable discomfort – needle-like twinges and achiness below the incisions, as well as lower. I still have numbness – it the incisions and below. And often it feels like a couple large credit cards have been sewn inside of me.

      I’ve been taking it real slow – doing very light tai chi – but I can’t seem to shake the pain/discomfort!

      Is 100 days of this “normal?”
      Thank you! Chuck

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      Discomfort 100 Days After Bilateral Inguinal Surgery

      We don’t wish that our patients have so many symptoms more than 3 months postoperatively. That said, you need not suffer. There may be good treatment for your symptoms. Sounds like possibly you are feeling reactions from the neurectomy and also stiffness from the mesh.

      The numbness will take years to feel less abnormal. It won’t go away.

      Seek consultation from your original surgeon, and if you wish, let us know where you live so we can refer you to hernia specialists near you for a second opinion .

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