do multiple operations weaken the tissue and make recurrence more likely?

Hernia Discussion Forums Hernia Discussion do multiple operations weaken the tissue and make recurrence more likely?

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      This question is for the doctors on this forum.

      Dr Towfigh mentioned in her video interview with Dr Jacob that hernia repairs do not cause weakness. Does this mean that, after a recurrence and subsequent 2nd (or 3rd repair) an additional recurrence is no more likely than before the 2nd repair? Also, does mesh removal cause significant weakness?

      I am having potentially having a 4th operation in 9 months (mesh in on the right, mesh out on the right, non-mesh repair on the left and now a non-mesh repair on the right). I am really concerned that, with 3 surgeries on the right, I am just going to have repair after repair after repair unless I stop my active lifestyle.

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      I to would be curious to know the answer
      But as a lay person not in medical profession I don’t see how the more you tinker
      With something the more you wouldn’t weaken something
      Just my opinion.
      Why did u have your mesh removed
      I have heard that when mesh is removed sometimes. The new tissue molded weakened tissues
      Together and no need to do any more repairs

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        Six months of pain with the mesh was plenty for me. I experienced some improvement in pain after the mesh was removed. And the foreign body sensation disappeared. For the most part, I was doing very well until about one week ago. At that point, I felt what I am pretty sure was a recurrent hernia. My surgeon couldn’t clearly identify it, though, when I visited him. He said the exterior (or maybe interior) ring was dilated to the point that he could just get a finger tip through it. But, he couldn’t feel anything pushing through when I coughed. Having dealt with 2 hernias already, I have a pretty good idea what they feel like. So, I am 90% certain I have one. Right now, I’m going to just give it some time to see if the “loose” feeling improves.

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