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  • Dr, Twofigh -is it lap standard of care to always

    Posted by Unknown Member on May 24, 2023 at 1:51 pm

    find a hernia on both sides? In my case dr Sam Carvajal…who i believe to be a surgeon…came in for my consult…i had an obvious hernia on one side…but nothing at all on the other. I had some minor pain there. He was with some very attractive shadow and in retrospect clearly trying to show off… he said oh you have one large hernia….then while i was laying prone…he placed his finger on the other inguninal canal for less than 2 seconds and said and you have a small hernia on the right. Then he took his shadows hand and said “see see?” the girl looked totally perplexed and obviously felt nothing. I had flown to california to see him…and i figured well if he is in there anyway it better to take care of the hernia if there is one. I didnt know at the time that this is a very common scam used by lap surgeons…our friend marc tucker…did not have a hernia…but was diagnosed with three—and had three meshes….our friend NFG did not have a hernia but was diagnosed and treated for two….my friend Tim…one small hernia nothing on the other side…double meshed….my friend mike no hernia….double meshed….its really a sad crime…all of these lives destroyed, I think of myself as pretty smart healthwise,,,but i feel like a got really conned…is it standard of care for lap surgeouns to alwas “fix” the other side? I was told that the surgery is filmed…and that i could request the film…but that its so easy to find a defect of nearly any kind that these criminals can get away with double charging the insurance companies…and no one is the wiser. When i went to Dr Belyansky…he examined me for 20 minutes and could not find a hernia….he is an honest doc.

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  • drtowfigh

    May 24, 2023 at 2:04 pm

    Yes, it is common to repair a contralateral asymptomatic inguinal hernia when going in laparoscopically for a symptomatic inguinal hernia. That is a discussion you can have with your surgeon. It is also surgeon preference.

    Also, please refrain from disrespectful language. As you know, this is not a forum that tolerates it.

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