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      Hi all,

      I am having a modified Shouldice to repair an inguinal hernia in a couple of weeks.

      I have a daily workout routine (weight lifting, biking/running) that I do to keep blood pressure down.

      I’m wondering (1) what kinds of exercise can I do immediately after surgery, and (2) how soon can I go back to my full workout routine exercise?

      Concerned because I was able to drop blood pressure meds by increasing exercise and modifying diet, and I don’t want to go back on them after surgery if I can help it.


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      Dear AJ.
      Each surgeon has a different regimen. Talk with your surgeon about when to start exercises.
      Bill Brown MD

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      how extensive is your weight lifting? I would give up heavy squats/deadlifts permanently to be on the safe side.

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      Thanks for replies @drbrown and @mitchtom6. I plan to ask my surgeon what’s reasonable to do and how soon — just thought it would be good to get perspective of some others who exercise regularly and had a pure tissue repair.

      My lifting regimen is not that intense — some bench press and machine-assisted lifting, but no deadlifts, though I have interest in starting to improve core strength.

      Your comment made me Google around a bit. Some others also advise to stop or limit weight when deadlifting, but one of Dr. Sbayi’s Shouldice patients talks about resuming deadlifts (405 lbs) after 6 weeks: https://www.stonybrookmedicine.edu/hernia/resources/shouldice-repair-patient-testimonials

      I won’t be doing weight like that probably ever, but it would be good to know how to monitor myself to make sure I’m not going over the limit for my repair.

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      Thunder Rose

      I was walking 2-3 miles each day starting the day of surgery. I’ve read reviews of Wiese with folks walking ~5 miles right away. I didn’t start running again until 2.5 weeks after surgery. My memory is that Yunis discouraged biking initially (in contradiction to the practice at Shouldice Hospital) and also discouraged squats or dead lifts. I waited until about the 2 month mark for downhill skiing and squats.

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      Thanks @thunderrose, that helps. I wonder about stationary biking? In any case, I’ll have a chance to ask him when I go in. Good to know that you were at least able to start some sort of cardio after less than 3 weeks.

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