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      I’m a 38 y/o male with a unilateral inguinal hernia (likely indirect) and have it narrowed down to theses 3 “tailored” approach pure tissue doctors. Looking for actual patients with experience at any of these for inguinal surgeries.

      1. Dr William Brown – tons of great things to read about him but mostly all from people just communicating with him and not actual having inguinal surgery with him. Ivecread he does 200 inguinal repairs per year hard to believe there are so few patients leaving feedback.

      2. Dr William Meyers Vincera Institute. Yes I’ve read he is the “king” of sports hernias but what about those who actually had or needed inguinal surgery?

      3. Dr Yunis in Florida – he is the “jack of all trades” it seems with doing mesh and non mesh, pretty much any hernia procedure you want he does. Feedback from anyone who had pure tissue repair for inguinal hernia with him?

      Any other pure tissue doctors that do higher volume with inguinal repairs would be appreciated. I’ve researched most all doctors on this forum and seems like they do not do enough volume of pure tissue. Not interested in one dynamic doctors like dr tomas or grischkan as they just offer 1 repair for everything. Not a good approach.


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      Well I think Dr. Brown does quite a few tissue only repairs, in fact pretty much only tissue repairs.

      One point to bear in mind with patients leaving a feedback is this: typically a patient with an hernia who gets surgery and all goes well, will likely go back to their lives without spending much time discussing again the past medical problem. The people on this forum are either those who are getting the info before a possible surgery (like us), or in fact those who got surgery and something/all went wrong (the majority of the forum participants I think).

      The feedback I have seen on this forum on Dr. Brown was always positive; there are bound to be many more people whose surgery was uneventful (as described by another member of this forum) by which I mean, it all went as scheduled and all was fine after few weeks: these people went back to their lives and you won’t see them on this forum (if inguinal hernia was the easy little thing some doctors keep saying their patients, I wouldn’t be on this forum either)

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