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  • Female, lower right pelvis in groin area

    Posted by whitakerlane on May 4, 2015 at 10:26 pm

    I am female to start with. Last week I slightly bent over and had a stabbing pain. I figured it was a “kink” and ignored it. Since then, I have had very sporadic SERIOUS stabbing pain. I went on line, which is not always a good thing, and have convinced myself I have a femoral hernia. I called my internist, who is a couple of buildings down from you, and have an appointment tomorrow.

    I’ve read your site here thoroughly but I’m confused because my pain doesn’t go towards labial area. It is like I stabbed myself, can’t stand up…almost fall, can’t put weight on right leg until the spasm or stabbing pain ends. I’m so afraid of falling. My pain is to the right of the pubic bone, shoots into my upper leg where it connects to the torso. Once it’s over, and my heartbeat slows down and I quit trembling from the pain, I’m fine. It’s hit and miss when I get it, but is now daily and more frequent. I feel NO BULGE or tenderness if I push on groin area. I can sleep on back, stomach or side and doesn’t hurt. One minute I can walk normally and then BAM, it hits. It’s momentary though, a couple of minutes, not continuous. My body can’t straighten up right away…I look like a bobbing puppet, gyrating around. It was so bad a couple of days ago, it felt like a blow torch inside.

    My Mom has spinal stenosis and I was told it’s genetic. I haven’t had hip or serious back problems…have had lower back pain now and then and recently sat down wrong and got a kink in lower right backside but that happens every now and then. This groin pain has never happened before.

    After all this, my question to you is what is my Internist going to accomplish without sending me to other specialists for tests or scans that may be unnecessary. What should I emphasize? I know he’ll do labs and maybe an x-Ray in office, but I’m so afraid of falling because the stabbing pain takes at least a minute for this to stop and before I can bear weight on it again without my whole body having spasms from the pain. I called your office…earliest appointment a month away.

    I have a feeling he’ll send me to Orthopeadist. How can you tell if it’s not a joint or back or upper leg issue. I do not feel a sprain or a pulled muscle. That would hurt continually. Is it common for it to be hit and miss daily if it’s a “hidden hernia” and more to the right of the pubic/pelvic (?) bone. I’m afraid to go anywhere because I really jerk and throw my body over and grab my groin which looks like I’m grabbing my crotch when that stab hits. Happens more often when bending upper torso over, like brushing teeth as an example.It’s freaking me out. Perhaps I will find out more tomorrow but I have a feeling this is not going to be healed soon. I really am getting afraid to leave my house. I’m single and have no people available to help me during the day or that often.I’m very independent and active but this is making me have “senior scare moments.” I’m 60. Thanks for a response … From anyone who has had a similar experience!!

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  • drtowfigh

    May 6, 2015 at 4:23 am

    Female, lower right pelvis in groin area

    Hernia pain does not seem to follow the pattern of symptoms you describe. Specifically, it rarely affects gait or weight bearing. These symptoms are often due to a hip problem or other orthopedic issue.

    A good orthopedic examination is crucial. I assume you have seen your internist by now. What update do you have to share with us?

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