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      this kid IS really smart. He talked to me for hours and gave me great advice every step of the way. IF you are in a world of hurt—reach out to him. There isnt anything about mesh removal that he doesnt know. He has been right about everything so far. My “prostatitis” was caused by the mesh…just like he said…robotic was the way to go…3d max pure junk….he is saying i will get better…so i keep hoping he is right. He was the kind of person i was hoping to find when i landed here..kudos to Ajm too who has provided great advice. I still feel like my useful life is over…but its not cause a few guys didnt try to help..i owe them for life…

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      Some wake up with both sides with mesh, that’s 50/50. Then oh well just to be sure cause it’s weaker on the other side etc. Polypropylene is never supposed to be ever put in the human body therefore polyester this and that but these surgeons, some better, way better than other that do what’s necessary and not to make a buck.

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