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  • Had surgery!

    Posted by Kelly88 on February 8, 2016 at 3:27 pm

    I had surgery on 1.19…

    Dr schwaitzberg fixed my umbilical hernia cutting only in to my belly button.

    Another incision laparoscopically on my mid right side was used to look for other hernias or tearing and nothing was found.

    It has become very apparent since surgery that the diastasis is causing all of the problems the tearing I feel in my pelvic floor is a direct result of the diastasis as well as the umbilical hernia.

    If I wear a binder I can get up and walk a little bit and my ball that floor doesn’t feel like it’s prolapsing as much.

    As I posted before it was about a year and a half ago that I actually felt my ab muscles tear I’ve been in bed for year trying to heal the diastasis and then four months ago the hernia presented itself and the pain was unbearable.

    I would highly recommend hernia surgery the pain was immediately relieved but I still cannot walk due to the diastasis or bend over or lift anything. my pelvic floor is very weak from it and actually starts to prolapse with any pressure put on my abs/belly button.

    At this point my question is what should I do if I try to get up and walk I can feel my hernia pulling like it’s going to come right back.

    The diastasis did not show up on a CT scan or an MRI it’s most prevalent at my bellybutton to my waistline I can fit at least two fingers in the gap. I don’t think any tissue repair was done during surgery which should’ve been done around the hernia.

    any help would greatly be appreciated. I can’t keep laying in bed.

    Im only 40 and my life has stopped. I am so happy that the hernia is fixed as soon as I woke up from surgery I thought relief but I’m very scared and frustrated because the diastasis is still there and without fixing that the hernia will come right back.

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  • drtowfigh

    February 13, 2016 at 4:57 pm

    Had surgery!

    You can try physical therapy to help realign your diastasis. The results are not good but at least it’s non surgical. The PT needs to focus on transversus abdominis muscle training and educate you on what you can do to reduce the risk of tearing. Sit-ups and getting out of bed without rolling to your side are both no-no’s, for example. Pinterest has great pics on how to do these exercises yourself. Search for transversus abdominis and diastasis exercises.

  • Kelly88

    February 9, 2016 at 11:48 pm

    Had surgery!

    Thank you so much for your response.

    I know I have the diastasis but that was one of my questions if it didn’t show on the CT scan or MRI or during the surgery is that something I can still fix? It doesn’t cause pain but instability, prolapse and it caused the hernia. Fixing the hernia which was “tiny” immediately relieved excruciating pressure and pain in my abdomen and pelvis. I can stand a little longer now but if I stand too long my abs pull apart my belly button stretches into a horizontal line and I feel a “tearing” at my hernia site and prolapse/ pressure in the gap where my vagina rectum and pelvic floor meet…it actually starts to prolapse down and i have to shuffle walk. All different but connected problems.

    I can’t use my abs at all I use my arms to roll over in bed etc…

    I’m frustrated but hopeful because of how much hernia surgery helped. I didn’t even need pain meds my hernia hurt more than surgery did.

    Laparoscopic diastasis surgery? Tummy tuck? Too dangerous after just having surgery? Just want to be able to walk again.

  • drtowfigh

    February 9, 2016 at 5:42 am

    Had surgery!

    First, not all diastasis causes pain (in fact almost all do not cause pain) and not all hernias repaired within a diastasis recur (in fact most do not recur).

    Also, all abdominal wall diastases show up on CT and MRI. If it wasn’t reported, it does not mean that there is no diastasis.

    Lastly, you mention diastasis as well as pelvic floor prolapse. Diastasis is in the middle of the abdomen, between the two rectus muscles (your six pack). Pelvic floor prolapse is related to the bladder, vagina, and/or rectum with prolapsing into the perineal region. Do you have both problems?

    It is possible that you had the umbilical hernia repair, but since it is within the diastasis, you still feel an instability of your abdominal core muscles. A tummy tuck will cure that problem, as it fixes the diastasis. This is typically performed by plastic surgeons. I offer a robotic-assisted diastasis closure (or tummy tuck) to those who are candidates for it. If that is indeed your problem, then the diastasis closure may help and it will also support your umbilical hernia repair.

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