News Feed Discussions Has anyone here had a Neurectomy triple neurectomy adn what were the results (Good/Bad/Ugly)

  • Has anyone here had a Neurectomy triple neurectomy adn what were the results (Good/Bad/Ugly)

    Posted by jnich74 on February 6, 2016 at 2:21 pm

    Hello Forum

    I am wondering who on this site has had any neurectomy surgeries and what were your results?


    1.) What were your original symptoms (hernia/vasectomy/accident) if you can describe your pain and where was it located and how long?

    2.) Who was your surgeon, and where they are located (if in the US state Canada etc..).

    2.1) Who would you would choose to have your surgery done by if travel and money were not a concern and why?

    3.) What was the recovery period (1 week 1 day etc..)?

    4.) Did you get the relief you looking for, were there any complications/ side effects good or bad?

    5.) how long the results lasted? was is short term or long term complete elimination etc..

    Thank you to all who complete. I am looking for answers and if this is a redundant post I appologize I could find another similar topic.

    My History:

    Vasectomy @ Premier Medical Hudson Valley NY in July 2013
    Developed Post Vasectomy Pain about a 2 weeks later too many complications to list but mostly left side congestion and shooting right teste pain.
    Reversal Pur clinic May 2014- Developed a hyperretracle testicle on left testicle pain several times a week but relieved congestion type pain and shooting right testicle pain.
    Denervation Pur Clinic Dec 2014
    Left me with a slew of nerve related injuries (II IH and GF). Burning on skin near surgical site (like sunburn being rubbed with sandpaper), left testicle pain- when jostled pain would shoot a sharp nerve type pain into my left hip walking or moving. After several months my left groin was tightening up and feel like I had a stitch in my left groin like a pulled muscle, but also felt site specific pain at top of illiac crest (I think is the term). I have done a few shots II and IH nerve block with Dr Williams in Baltimore adn had some relief but my pain levels always fluctuate and seem to be a moving target so i wasn’t 100% convinced, I still need to go back and do the GF nerve to determine if I need to have these nerves removed.

    If anyone can help with info It would be greatly appreciated.

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  • drtowfigh

    February 9, 2016 at 5:50 am

    Has anyone here had a Neurectomy triple neurectomy adn what were the results (Good/Bad/Ugly)

    I’ll ask some of my patients to respond to your post. I think it is an excellent one.

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