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      Life Coach Ibiza – As a professional life and business coach, Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist and yoga instructor, I understand that looking after your MIND is just as important as looking after your BODY.

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      Hi, what would you recommend for yoga sessions for me. I am a 52 year old slender female with a left side inguinal hernia. It is very small and I have minimal discomfort. I am trying to decide on surgery. I will be doing PT to strengthen my adductor muscle prior to surgery. I am open to all treatment options. I am trying to weigh out the benefits of current level of hernia discomfort with potential side effects of surgery.

      Thank you.

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      Health Services

      This is just food for thought from my own circumstance. I was extremely active for all of my 40 yrs when ~ 4 yrs ago a small hernia was detected. The surgeon at the time advocated for watchful waiting which I did. Last year I had the surgery when I developed some achiness in my testicle after standing/walking for long periods. Since then I have mostly had problems and my active lifestyle has ground to a halt. I can’t help but wonder if the hernia was repaired when it was smaller and possibly more manageable if the outcome hadn’t been better. It’s not exactly good mental health to speculate on things I can’t now change but I know there is a group of surgeons who suggest watchful waiting and there are those that suggest fixing it sooner before bigger problems develop. The bottom line is if you choose to have surgery, take the time to find the best, most experienced surgeon you can possibly access.

      Sorry that had nothing to do with yoga and I am curious if anyone has feedback regarding that.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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