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    Posted by Maggietr on September 26, 2018 at 11:00 am

    Have suspected hernia for years. Groin ultrasound didn’t find it(I’m female 63) no bulge. Extreme pain in right groin pain while using bowel, pain urinating , pain over appendix area. All settled but was lurking over the years. Have had hysterectomy, rectocele repair, several years ago. This year I had bowel resection due to diverticulitis. All healed, but interestingly my symptoms of what I suspect is a hernia have returned a thousandfold. Very uncomfortable after urination, not all the time, but most of time (. No uti) it has me in tears. Pain using bowel, groin pain. Cannot sit with right leg tucked up at all. Pain while sneezing etc. my surgeon is amazing (colorectal surgeon) he listened and is sending me for an ultrasound, but I think he said different from the other one I would have had originally, not sure why it’s different. I have back pain too. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I’m desperate now. Apart from this and some anaemia I’m doing really well. I just want it found and dealt with. I want to be well. Any input appreciated.

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  • Maggietr

    September 27, 2018 at 3:08 am

    Interesting side note to this. I have a new GP. Very good . I had to see him about a script, and he has all my medical notes from the surgeon. The GP mentioned a spigelian hernia, said it’s rare and hard to diagnose, but the symptoms were very similar to mine. He had an older lady, like myself, who had abdominal surgeries, and she had one. She came To him with pain , bowel problems , and urinary problems, frequency, pain etc. He sent her to a surgeon. he said he would be interested to see what the scan says, but I’m doubtful it will show anything. Never has before. And yet I know something is amiss. Hopefully, as I am already seeing a surgeon, he will work it out.

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