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      Mike X

      Is it true that some mild hernias can be gently massaged back into place and do NOT require surgery? If so, how do you know if your hernia can be treated in this way; AND are there professionals (doctors, massage therapists, etc.) who actually treat hernias in this way?

      FYI — I just got my hernia ultrasound report back today and it said (among lots of other things) that I have a bilateral reducible direct inguinal hernia. And IF I’m understanding correctly everything else that the report said, I probably have a fairly mild hernia.

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      A small hernia probably doesn’t require surgery and a watchful waiting approach taken till it’s problematic but a massage is absolutely not going to cure your hernia. A hernia surgery is the one and only fix. No gym routine, diet or massage is going to cure it no matter how small it is.

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      x2 on what Scarletville said. Surgery is the only real fix, short of divine intervention.

      You will read things online about homeopathic solutions/breathing techniques/massage, which you can safely disregard. Anybody who found relief via such methods likely did not have a hernia to begin with, but rather, a misdiagnosis (which does happen).

      If your hernia is bilateral, then you actually have two of them – one on each side. That’s what I had, albeit, mine were indirect.

      I would advise that you get a second opinion before making any plans, though, just as good practice. A skilled general surgeon can make the diagnosis without imaging in most instances, doing the classic “turn your head and cough” technique. If your suspected hernias are not causing you any pain or discomfort, then you don’t have to pursue treatment. Granted, I have to assume you are at least somewhat symptomatic by dint of the fact you had imaging performed.

      Best of luck, Mike. We’re hoping you find relief. You are certainly not alone – this is one of the most common surgeries in the world. Lots of people do great after their procedures. Those of us on the forums tend to have experienced complications, generally speaking.

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