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  • Hernia pain doesnt feel like the doctor described?

    Posted by HDG on November 7, 2017 at 4:04 pm

    Hi all,

    I have a situation i’m not sure what to do with; sorry if it’s long. It also may have typos, as I’m on a phone and dont have a lot of time to proofread this morning…

    So I went to a doctor a couple of weeks ago, after 3 weeks of pain due to a hernia caused be a really, really severe month-long cough caused by hay fever. She said it sounded like a hernia, which I already suspected, and said to get a CT scan. However it was over the weekend, and by the next couple of days it had gotten so bad I went to the ER. This is partially my fault, as I had been avoiding going to the doctor in case it was a just strained muscle, and wasnt being at all careful enough since I’ve never had this before.
    Symptoms were an odd bulging, burning pain in mid-left abdomen when bending over, pain all the time in fact… Nausea, etc.

    The ER did their tests and said I had a very small umbilical hernia with some fatty tissue in it (you can feel a lump but cant see it externally). I was relieved but then they cautioned that small ones pose a higher risk since anything that gets in it will likely become pinched, and they said to get to a surgeon ASAP.

    We havent had health insurance, so I have to wait till January for my husband’s work insurance to kick in before doing surgery. Problem is that until then, the pain keeps getting worse which I keep hearing is not typical? My brother had a large hernia from weight lifting that had no pain at all. My abdomen hurts at the hernia site all the time and sometimes it’s really bad, as does my lower back and lower abdomen (lower area is a general soreness). There’s bloating and a full, painful feeling when I sit down and this radiating pain that shoots down my leg when I sit sometimes… I get nauseous at leae 50%of the time; yesterday it was so bad I thought I’d pass out, because I have always had a hard time throwing up (problem with gag reflex maybe?) so nausea can become miserable. When I cough or sneeze, my lower abdominal muscles feel odd, like they are being pulled or strained in a wierd way – as though that’s out of place too. It isnt a strain I think, because the cough has been gone a couple of weeks.

    Thing is, many of these symptoms have gotten worse, but the more general hernia-like symptoms have been present since I went to the ER so they were aware of them then. Since getting confirmation that I do in fact have an umbilical hernia, I have been careful with every movement to make sure I dont have to have emergency surgery before insurance kicks in. So I dont understand why the symptoms are so bad? They interfere with everyday activities, even with tylenol.

    It just seems a lot for something that is supposedly small with minimal complications??? Has anyone experienced this?? Thanx.

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  • jeanvic

    November 9, 2017 at 7:21 pm

    What kind of tests did the ER do to find your hernia? I am in severe abdominal pain. CT showed small cyst on my kidney but doesn’t explain all the pain. Primary care doc is sending me to a urologist. I still suspect hernia, just because so much pain in abdomen and burning down legs. Maybe something pinched. Appreciate any help or advice you can give, thanks.

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