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      I am a female 58 and had a lower right small inguinal hernia repaired open and with mesh 14 months ago. I am now having the same right side pain i had before the surgery. The pain started a month ago and for the last two weeks I have had severe bladder pain and frequent urination. Can’t sleep, up to use the restroom about 7 times a night. No UTI, waiting to get into a Urologist, they said it will take more than a month to see the urologist. Can this bladder issue also be related to the hernia?
      Scared out of my mind, had a pelvic ultrasound and want to know if this can be related and should I ask my internal med dr for any other tests while waiting painfully to see the urologist.

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      Sorry for the reposting. I haven’t slept in a week due to pain. I guess I shouldn’t say IC, because I have not been diagnosed with that. i am just curious if I could have inflamed the area where the mesh is from my surgery, I was doing some yard work before this started. Can that irritation move into the bladder area and cause the bladder pain by any chance?

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      HI. What is the update on your status? Bladder irritation from hernia repair can occur but is rare.

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