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      I was diagnosed with sliding hiatus hernia 2 weeks ago. Doctor suggested me to consult a specialist and also referred me to have (barium swallow), but recently I’ve been getting really bad chest pain (especially on the left side of my chest). I’ve also noticed a small red lump where the hernia is. I am really afraid. Can anyone help me by suggesting some Tension-free Hernia Repair Hospital?

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      hernia rpair

      Most hiatal hernias do not need repair. Usually the symptoms of reflux can be controlled with medications

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      hernia rpair

      Hiatal hernias occur around the esophagus/stomach region. The repair is not typically termed “tension free.” That is a term used for abdominal wall and groin muscle hernias. Also, it is an internal hernia, so there should not be any red lump exteriorly.

      You are in best hands if taken care of by a gastroenterologist and a surgeon skilled in foregut surgery b

Viewing 2 reply threads
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