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      I am new to the forum since I recently moved to the US. I have been diagnosed the “beginning” of a small crural hernia (no bulge) by my doctor back in Europe 3 years ago, after many months of pelvic pain. I did both ultrasound and MRI, while lying, and they were both negative. However, my doctor told me that he could clearly feel the hernia during the visit but that no surgeon would intervene without the signs of a protrusion. I also excluded gynecologic issues. I have been doing yoga, which helps, but cyclically the pain comes back and I have to be very careful in not overstretching the abductor. Especially when I travel or I walk a lot. I cannot run or jump without feeling pain. I have strong pain in my right groin that feels like having a weight there. It gets worse with movement and extends to the right hip and leg (and sometimes low back). Sometimes I cannot fall asleep since I find a comfortable position in the bed because everything is stretching very badly.

      I am looking for a hernia specialist in the DC area to ask advice for a possible surgery. I am 32 and I am planning to have babies in 2/3 years. I have one case in my family (grandfather) with belly bottom hernia. I read in the blog that normally surgeons will wait after pregnancies to intervene but this condition is quite invalidating under several aspects. Do you have any advice?

      Many thanks for your help. This forum is already a big relief!

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      Hernia specialist in DC area

      Try Dr SHARON Bachman in Virginia.

      Also, hernia repair is based on pain and symptoms, not necessarily if you have a bulge.

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