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  • hernia surgery that went wrong.. a total mystery..

    Posted by basikboy10 on July 25, 2016 at 11:45 pm

    goodday everyone. im looking for some info to help out in any way concerning my dad. he did a regular hernia surgery in 2010 using the mesh but after a year we realised that the cut was not closing up entirely and it left a hole. when we carry my dad to the clinic for his chech up a nurse took her finger and ripped out the stiches through that tiny hole so he was in alot of pain. afterwards we took him to the surgeon when we realised nothing was looking good and he drilled the hole to see if it would heal bk properly and it never did. recently, my dad did 3 major surgeries cutting both left and right of the groin because from the ct scan and ultrasound they realised on the inside that everything was infected really bad and was life threatening. due to how serious it was they had to do those surgeries within a space of one month which was a risk but he made it through. after these surgeries he was good for some days until he started gettin really bad pains from the knees come right up to the groin including testicles and etc. they gave him acoxia and panadeine but he is 72 yrs old and he couldnt take too much although he gets an ease up. reason they had to do these surgeries was because the mesh broke up into pieces and spreaded all over his groin area. the surgeon keeps tellin us that hes okay but hes not.. he has a soft lump where the right sided cut was on the groin and a doctor told us that it could be a blood clot.. can anyone tell me about this situation please ???were from trinidad and tobago so travelling is impossible… by the way when i mentioned that the hole wasnt closing up; my dad had to go to the clinic for a check up every month when he first did the surgery and a nurse took her finger and stuck it in the hole and ripped everything out and thats where we believed everything went wrong.. can someone please read this and help out please

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  • drtowfigh

    July 28, 2016 at 4:42 am

    hernia surgery that went wrong.. a total mystery..

    Sounds quite complicated.
    Sounds like there was a mesh infection.
    Mesh doesn’t typically break into pieces and spread all over.
    Perhaps there is infected mesh still in place and needs completion mesh removal?
    Perhaps there is a hernia recurrence?
    Your father really needs to be seen by a specialist to get the best care. The most we can offer you here is some support that you should seek a surgeon who can provide you with the care that best meets your needs.

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