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      Hi guys,

      I was diagnosed with a right inguinal hernia in 2018 and had surgery (laparscopic) in 2019. Needless to say, the time between diagnosis and repair was extremely uncomfortable.

      I’ve recently been experiencing symptoms again and been diagnosed with recurrent hernia (very disappointing). I know the only way the hernia will heal is with surgery. However, given the fact that laparscopic was done before, should i be opting for open surgery this time?

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      So it was done with a mesh that is supposed to be superior than tissue repair?

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      Thunder Rose

      I don’t have direct experience with this, but my understanding is that with a laparoscopic recurrence you’ll have an open repair the second time (avoids scar tissue). (My uncle had a laparoscopic mesh inguinal repair which rapidly failed followed by open mesh repair that has held). However, if you’re having the mesh removed then the laparoscopically placed mesh should be removed laparoscopically.

      If you’re looking for an expert in recurrent hernias and potentially a tissue repair, I just had an open Shouldice repair from Dr. Yunis in Sarasota for my inguinal hernia. My recovery has been very good (2.5 weeks out today. I was walking 2-3 miles/day starting the evening after surgery).

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