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      HerniaTalk LIVE is a weekly Q&A hosted by Dr Shirin Towfigh, hernia surgeon expert at the Beverly Hills Hernia Center, with invited special Guests to answer your hernia-related questions.

      Topic: Pelvic Floor PT & Hernias

      Guest Panelist: Dr Sallie Sarrel, Doctorate in Physical Therapy

      Join us this Tuesday 06/20/2023, at 4:30 pm Pacific time (GMT -7) as a Facebook Live (@Dr.Towfigh). You can also register to join via Zoom here: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_tyTJAuJtTSmmUJvp69KQ5w

      You can watch archived episodes of HerniaTalk LIVE on http://www.YouTube.com/@herniadoc

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      Thank you for this event. Not sure if you are taking questions but I would be curious if a hernia on one side can still have bilateral symptoms, ie. bilateral groin searing or vaginal burning, etc/genital discomfort. Or only unilateral presentation occurs.

      Also is it normal for hernia symptoms wax and wane (basically can hernias flare based on activity – similar to the pelvic floor). Also curious about how often pudendal neuralgia is diagnosed — but a hernia is not considered… and the patient goes down the entire PN pathway (blocks, ablations, etc). Is there a way for a PT to check for a hernia specifically. Thank you.

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      Will add to our discussion today. Thanks!

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