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      I posted before.

      Just finished major abdominal, hip and pelvic muscles repair for tears, distasis, muscles were reattached to the bone. I finally have proof of what I was saying:)

      There’s a few last problems I feel.

      1. Hiatal hernia: with diaphragm tear. I can only prove hiatal hernia but I can feel the tear in diaphragm. Is there anyone on the east coast (I’m in upstate ny) that would fix a hiatal hernia AND repair any muscle tears around the hernia? I have the hernia due to diaphragm trauma.

      2. Levator ani: I’m pretty sure my levator ani has ripped from the bone. I can feel it very clearly from my pubic bone to my rectum. When I walk it feels like my pelvic floor is going to rip. Is there anyone who would fix this? Ob surgeon? There probably weakness/tearing around my vaginal wall as well.

      These are all part of the trauma I suffered from giving birth 4 years ago.

      41 years old: 107 lbs.

      Thank you so much in advance.

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      Hiatal hernia/levator ani

      For the hiatal hernia evaluation and repair, seek consultation from a general or thoracic surgeon with foregut and laparoscopic experience. You can check for surgeons in your neighborhood on the http://www.SAGES.org site.

      For the pelvic floor disorder, seek consultation from a urogynecologist or female urology specialist. You can check for surgeons in your neighborhood on the pelvic floor disorders website http://www.voicesforpfd.org/p/cm/ld/fid=81

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