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      I’m fascinated by your rehab work on the hips, which you mention in the post-surgery sections of your website.

      Before and after my bilateral laparoscopic direct hernia repair surgery, I have felt tightness up my right internal oblique — it started with rehab on my left shoulder following a collarbone break a year ago — over my right hip, and then down to my lower right abdomen, all the way to the tip. Now it comes and goes. Exercising such as by cycling helps it go — as if it’s loosening up everything, and especially with stretching that I’ve started.

      It’s also worthy to note I have scoliosis that makes my right hip protrude and tilts it so the right side is higher. And, a fuller tummy could exacerbate the tightness. But usually it’s worse when I haven’t exercised in a while.

      So will I be working on this hip tightness for many months now? Forevermore? There’s no risk to the mesh and repaired abdominal wall as I stretch? Just keep working on stretches and strengthening?

      And I’m at 12 weeks post-surgery. Ab workouts such as crunches and leg lifts are OK?

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      Hip tightness post-hernia repair

      Stretching is good. Ab workouts focusing on the core are also good. Your body is always remodeling scar tissue. You can also help it remodel with your activities.

      As far as we know, crunches and leg lifts are okay.

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