How difficult is it to repair a recurrant hernia after tissue repair?

Hernia Discussion Forums Hernia Discussion How difficult is it to repair a recurrant hernia after tissue repair?

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      My reason for selecting lap surgery…in part…was because of the Voeller article…saying that nearly every study showed that mesh was far better at preventing a recurrance than a tissue repair. Many doctors told me that a recurrant hernia was difficult to repair…so you should get it right the first time with mesh. Dr Harris was reporting a 20 percent tissue failure rate…and Voeller said studies showed tissue repairs failing at a much higher rate after 5 years… Well now all these tissue docs will tell you they have a 1 percent recurrance rate…I stupidly thought the doctors were following up…but now our friend Watchful tells us these docs are not following up at all…not even the Shouldice Clinic…So how can they have the audacity to report a less than 1 percent recurrance rate??? How can anyone trying to make a decision here…ever get it right? What a mess this whole hernia surgery area is….if you do the research you realize its a total cluster of lies and misrepresentations….the only people getting good results are lucking out by the grace of God. Pinto had his tissue recurrance repaired with a tissue repair…does anyone know if this is a difficult operation? what is the recurrance rate for a recurrant operation…i suppose no one knows for sure. I am trying to prepare for a recurrant hernia after mesh removal….god knows what my prospects are….I had no idea a small painless hernia could quickly escalate into a lifetime issue….

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      It’s a more difficult surgery with higher recurrence rates. They have to go through the scar tissue from the previous surgery, may not be able to identify the anatomy and nerves, and the tissues may not be in a good condition.

      As I mentioned before, I asked my surgeon at the Shouldice Hospital about what to do if my hernia recurs after my Shouldice surgery, and he said that most likely lap mesh would be my best choice in the unlikely case that this happens.

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