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  • I believe I have an occult hernia

    Posted by bbrown2060 on July 16, 2018 at 2:56 pm

    hi there—

    I had a laparoscopic excision of Stage IV endometriosis on September 1st with Dr. Jim Robinson in washington, DC. A few days after surgery I discovered my pain was not getting better on my right side. Dr. Robinson thought he may have snagged the ilioinguinal and genitofemoral nerves in the trocar device while operating. I’ve seen pain management and 1 nerve block worked for 14 days and then never worked again. I’ve tried neurontin, pelvic floor physical therapy, etc. I have right sided pain that is in my hip, back, pelvis, runs along my groin, and out to my thigh. It is a constant dull ache with intermittent sharp pain. It gets worse with ANY activity except lying down. It has not gotten better at all. It’s actually worse sometimes. It is worse with my period as well and makes living my daily life a challenge.

    I am in Nancy’s Nook and started reading about occult hernias. I have so many of these symptoms. I’ve gone to another endo expert in the DC area just recently (Dr. Gaby Moawad) and he wanted to remove my uterus. When I asked about an occult hernia he dismisses it quickly saying he would have seen that on the MRI. I know that to not be true and was frustrated. I’m hesitant to have more radical endo surgery only to wake up STILL in this awful pain on my right side.

    I have called Dr. Brian Jacob and Mark Zoland in NYC about appointments but I would LOVE to know of a doc equipped to treat this closer to home. Even Philadelphia would be easier to get to quickly.

    Thank you you so much in advance!!

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  • Chaunce1234

    July 22, 2018 at 11:54 pm

    I’m sorry you’re going through this.

    Did a surgeon look for hernias when they were using the laparoscope to deal with the endometriosis? If they recorded the procedure or took pictures, that may be worth reviewing, as it’s possible existing imagery could be useful.

    Have you had an ultrasound with valsava done? That can be a helpful (and cheap) test to check for hernias of the groin.

    The east coast has a lot of great hernia and pelvic doctors, so you’re pretty fortunate to be near some of the best resources out there.

    – Dr Brian Jacob in NYC is very well regarded and would be worth consulting for hernias.

    – Dr Igor Belyansky in Annapolis MD is also very well regarded for hernias.

    Another option would be to check out the pelvic/core/hernia center at Vincera Institute in Philadelphia PA with Dr William Meyers. They have a variety of protocols to rule in and out various painful conditions impacting the groin, pelvis, hip, lower abdomen, etc.

    There are certainly other options out there too, this is just a handful of ideas to get you started.

    Best of luck and keep us updated on your case and decision making.

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