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      2011 – I had exploratory surgery for cancer in my abdomen. It left me with a 9″ scar down the middle of my stomach. I had some issues (too many) that caused an incisional hernia. My Doctor at the time in 2011 said it was very large. I did not have it corrected and lived with it. Now 6 years later I am worried it is affecting my lungs. Is that possible? I have low lung volume per my doctor and was wondering if there is a link. I have not had any Doctors specifically look at it in years. I had a chest x-ray recently but nothing of note was discovered. Would my best bet be to see a hernia specialist? Thanks for reading and responding.

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      The abdominal muscles do help with breathing. However, losing the force generated by the muscles, such as due to a giant ventral hernia, would not reduce lung volumes. I have not examined you, but most likely it is not related.

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