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      Hi all, i have a left inguinal hernia which i noticed the bulge 3 weeks ago

      it disappears when i lie down and pops up after a while when i stand up. Not alot of discomfort, just a mild burning sensation once in a while. I would say its small-medium right now

      I plan to see the doctor and get a surgery in 2 months time.

      1) is it safe to do purely machine exercises in the mean time? ie.. seated chest press, seated dips, seated rows, seated machine preacher curls?

      2) whats the proper breathing method to NOT increase intra abdominal pressure? I know the Valsalva Maneuver is a no-go obviously, but what about stomach vacuums WHILE still breathing normally through the nose and lungs

      Does blowing out your stomach while holding your breath increase intra abdomical pressure? Or does sucking in your abdomen increase the pressure??

      3) Now in 2015, is the laprosopic TEP mesh method gold standard for least recurrence, chronic pain and post op complications? Still so much differing opinions and literature out there! sigh

      TIA for any advice, and i hope everyone on this thread have made full recoveries from this unfortunate injury…

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      inguinal hernia advice!

      I wished we had strong scientific evidence for everything you ask, but we can extrapolate from what we know so far:

      – sucking in abdomen does not increase abdominal pressure. Pooching it out does.
      – pretty much all machine exercises do not increase abdominal pressure when you engage your abs and therefore your core while doing them.
      – recurrence and chronic pain is very surgeon-dependent. All things being equal, laparoscopy has a lower chronic pain rate than open and a lower recurrence rate if performed in the hands of experts in laparoscopic hernia repair. There is no gold standard b

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      inguinal hernia advice!

      [quote]I wished we had strong scientific evidence for everything you ask, but we can extrapolate from what we know so far]

      Thank you for your reply!

      I guess i will “suck in my stomach” on machine exercises while waiting for my operation..

      Yeah, I’ve frequently heard the advise to “choose your surgeon” and not to “choose the method”


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