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      4 years ago I had left side Inguinal Hernia Repair done. After 1 year I had to undergo similar surgery on the right side.The following year (2 years from 1st time surgery) the left hernia problem came back. The treating surgeon explained during the 3rd surgery that the plug had dislodged and the mesh had melted and formed some kind of ball. He said he removed and cleaned out the mesh. Within weeks I had abscess and pus formation at the site of surgery. I had to undergo another surgery (4th surgery, 3rd on left side) to further clean out any remnants of the mesh. The last check up was in June 2015 where the surgeon pronounced that everything was fine. Unfortunately the infection came back in May 2016 and after a couple of in office procedures and several doses of antibiotic treatment I am still having drainage. I sought a second opinion from another surgeon who wants to go back and clean out the area again and cannot give me any guarantee that it would take care of problem.
      Right now I have drainage on the left side and all I am doing is dressing it with gauze and cleaning the area with antibacterial soap. I don’t want to take antibiotics for ever.
      I would greatly appreciate it if anyone can give me a better line of treatment or advise.
      Thank you
      Andrew Gulrajani

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      Inguinal Hernia Repair

      Sounds like you still have foreign body (mesh and/or suture) in place. In these situations, all foreign body must be removed. That said, the anatomy is complex in this area. There are nerves and vessels and the vas at risk for innies. But there is little choice but to proceed.

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