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      I am a 57 year old female who 4 years ago was diagnosis with a groin inguinal hernia. It was a small tear so they did not suggest surgery. In the last week I noticed that the area where the hernia is was larger and very tender. There is no pain associated but random spasms with this new development but I am concerned that it may have torn more. I tried to research this but came up empty handed. Is this something I should be concerned about?

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      Inguinal Hernia Tenderness

      If you have a known hernia that is bothering you more and becoming larger you should probably get it looked at by a surgeon. They can do an exam which should give you a better idea of your options.

      I’m not a doctor but that is my 2 cents.

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      Inguinal Hernia Tenderness

      a hernia that is symptomatic needs to be addressed by a general surgeon and treated.
      the size is not a determinant of need for repair.

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