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  • Kang repair for bilateral inguinal hernias – 1 month out

    Posted by rhf1952 on February 8, 2020 at 7:51 am

    I will try and keep this brief, and avoid recapitulating details available on other postings to this board. My hernais were extremely large (somewhere between a large orange and a grapefruit on either side), and I originally was fearful a pure tissue repair might not be feasible. I had previously met with a local (Boston) surgeon 2-3 years ago who wanted to do these laparascopically with mesh and for a variety of reasons decided to take a pass.

    This was a 5 star experience in all regards … I am extremely satisfied with the result and delighted with all aspects of my care. Because of the size of the hernias the incision was a bit larger than his usual practice and the procedure took a bit longer than is usually the case, but the results, so far at least, absolultely outstanding. Post operative pain was minor, definitely at the low end of the range expected, no narcotic pain relief required at any time, a non-issue after the first week. Surprisingly little sense of any tissue “tightness” after the repair, none after the first 10 days. The very small amount of lingering edema around the operative sites (and the scars) provide the only sense that a procedure was done at all. I am delighted to have my intestines back in their proper place.

    For me, this was entirely worth the very long trip from Boston, with the attendant jetlag etc. I arrived in Seoul on a Sunday night, had the surgery early Monday afternoon, flew back home on Friday night. Though I felt up to flying home sooner, I would not recommend a long, trans-Pacific flight sooner than this because of the increased risk of deep venous thrombosis doing this the first few days following repair.

    I, too, found Dr.Kang to be a pretty remarkable and confidence inspiring individual. His high intelligence, relentlessly innovative nature and workaholic tendencies would have served him very well in a field like endovascular Neurosurgery or invasive Cardiology, and I’m grateful that someone of his calibre decided to focus his skill sets on a problem I myself had. I would not have connected with his practice were it not for the resources of this board, something for which I am very grateful. I am happy that folks of Dr. Kang’s, Dr. Brown’s and Dr. Towfigh’s calibre are dealing with such a common (and medically less glamorous) problem.

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  • drtowfigh

    February 8, 2020 at 9:36 am

    Sounds great. Thank you for sharing. Let us know how you are doing in 1 Year, given your hernia was soo large.

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