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      To everyone who is suffering from debilitating pain. I want to say something, i thought of committing suicide. This pain is so bad it has affected me in every way possible. Since my surgery in 28 dec 2015 i am unable to do any sports activity, social life went to a trash. I stopped going out with my friends, no more weekend movies, hiking etc. I was this way for about 7 months. Basically i isolated myself from everyone, and kept looking for answers overnight on web. I am sure this might be the story(minus suicide part ) of few people out here. But let me tell you all accept this pain and move on. Don’t keep yourself confined to your bed, go out, have fun, travel to places you wanted to, Listen to music, do light exercise, and that’s it. This havnt cured me of pain but gave me enough strength to deal with it. Here I am going to attach a link to page with wonderful stories of people. Hope it helps getting you people motivated.
      Best of luck

      I am not advertising this page. It is just for motivational purpose.

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      Keep yourself motivated.

      Thank you so much for choosing to share your story. As you can tell from prior posts, you are not alone. In fact, one patient has very generously shared his diary of thoughts and feeling as he too has suicidal tendencies since his pain.

      There are a few Indian surgeons who are willing to help figure out hernia-related pain. Their information is listed in one of the posts. Search for “India” on this site and you should find it.

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      Keep yourself motivated.

      English 101 anyone? or Hernia talk 101, may be. 🙂

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