Making a trip to Cali just to see Dr.Towfigh!

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      Hey Dr.Towfigh

      I am making a trip from New Mexico, to California just to see you in April. I am at my wits end with trying to find the cause of my lower left abdominal pain and pubic pan. I have had an mri, ct scan, ultra sound, seen multiple doctors all say I don’t have a hernia. My gut tells me I do. I have constant pain much worse when I am active and when I sit I feel a sharp pain gets better when I lie down. I want to know can you get a hernia near or on your pubic bone. Does hernia pan flair up and feel like burning sensation or sometimes a stabbing constant pain. I don’t have a bulge I think mine may be the kind that are internal. Also have you ever heard of someone getting a hernia after a deep tissue massage in that area.

      Thanks so much for your valuable time,

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      Making a trip to Cali just to see Dr.Towfigh!

      Yes. Burning can be part of the sensation some feel from the hernia. Stabbing also. Some call it a “hot poker.”
      No, definitely cannot get a hernia from a deep tissue massage. :huh:

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