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      I have a big problem, I developed a right inguinal hernia on December 30 2019
      I haven’t been able to eat very much because about 20 or 30 minutes after I eat it hurts bad, surgeon says bulge is big hernia small, shows no gangrene or other issue
      It does reduce when lying down
      Here in sweet home Alabama they only use mesh and no other option, I have CROHNS
      Disease which had been in remission, but if I had a flare up and it caused infection
      It could necessitate removal of mesh, I don’t want to use mesh anyway, can someone point me to s reliable surgeon in southeast us or if I have to would go across the country, I don’t have a lot of money but willing to sell what savings I have to get it corrected, my life has been a living hell since dec 30, I used to be able to get on treadmill for 75 minutes a day and pretty active person, I used to have good blood pressure but now that’s elevated, one part of me says go on and get the mesh
      But with that it wills be what if, I know the reoccurrence rate is higher without mesh but I guess if it’s done right it’s better to take that chance than have to deal with mesh removal
      I am not asking, I am begging for some guidance, I know of a surgeon that does Shouldice repair but uses Prolene sutures
      This mesh no mesh debate is making my head spin out of control
      Thanx for listening guys

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      Do you have a direct or indirect hernia?
      Look for a surgeon who is at least 60 years old.
      He/she would have been trained before mesh became available.
      The prolene would be a good choice for sutures. It is monofilament. Infection rate is low.
      Bill Brown MD

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      If they don’t do Shouldice would that be ok also

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      Would u totally scratch the use of mesh in my situation

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