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      Jordan Fitz


      – 29 year old male
      – has inguinal plug and patch done 8 years ago @ Rush University in Chicago, IL

      About a month ago, I was having some abdominal discomfort. I played 27 holes of virtual golf and started having severe femoral nerve pain shortly after. I could barely touch the my (right – same side as inguinal repair) upper inner thigh without nerve pain shooting down leg. Additionally, I also had sciatica..

      Went to ER multiple times and had a handful of imaging done;
      – CTs with contrast
      – Brain + Full spine MRI w and w/o contrast (no compressed nerves, etc.)

      The nerve pain has calmed down a bit, but I’m still getting weird sensations down my leg and my muscles in my right leg constantly vibrate. Especially in left lower thigh and calf muscle.

      I can feel a bulge when the hernia repair was done and I think the mesh / plug is interfering with femoral nerve / artery.

      I’m debating having the mesh taken out and non-mesh repair done (if hernia has recurred)

      All I hear are horror stories of clipping nerves, losing testicle, etc.

      Can anyone point me to a doctor that I can trust?

      I currently have an appointment set up with Dr. David Grischkan in Cleveland, Ohio… the reviews seem promising, but how do I guarantee nothing is cut / permanent damage is done…

      Thanks in advance for the advice!

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      Dear Jordan.
      The most important next step is to determine what is the source of your pain. Find a physician that will carefully get your history, examine you, and review the images. Once the etiology is determined, then the correct treatment can be started.
      Bill Brown MD

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      There is a treatment. You just need a thoughtful surgeon to figure out exactly what you need and not overtreat you. Fortunately, you are in Cleveland and both Dr. Grishkan and the Cleveland Clinic can help you. Horror stories tend to arise from situations where patients are note being treated by specialists. But even we specialists cannot guarantee nothing is cut/permanent damage is not done.

      Testicle loss should not be a worry. In the right hands, it should happen very very very rarely.

      Nerve transection is a real possibility with any groin mesh removal procedure.

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